fimmtudagur, desember 28

the bigger, the better.

se 2006 fosse resumido em um mísero cd-r...

#1 could we - cat power
#2 hiccup - they shoot horses, don't they?
#3 sam's town - the killers
#4 smile - lilly allen
#5 ouch - be your own pet
#6 as we play - hell on wheels
#7 melatonin - silversun pickups
#8 invincible - ok go
#9 put your records on - corinne bailey rae
#10 backass - peaches feat. karen o
#11 happy - jenny lewis and the watson twins
#12 the yeah yeah yeah song - flaming lips
#13 drive my car/ the word/ what you're doing - the beatles
#14 crazy - gnarls barkley
#15 when the deal goes down - bob dylan
#16 summertime - scarlett johansson
#17 dudley - yeah yeah yeahs
#18 sheena is a parasite - the horrors
#19 gotta get out - the bicycles
#20 i don't feel like dancing - scissor sisters
#21 fire with fire - the gossip
#22 oversleeping - i'm from barcelona

top5 disquinhos (fotos mais tarde)

love, the beatles
boo hoo hoo boo, they shoot horses, don't they?
the good, the bad & the cuddly, the bicycles
the peel sessions, múm
the greatest, cat power

top5 que não entraram no top5

be he me, the annuals
let's get out of this country, camera obscura
moon over the freeway, ditty bops
rather ripped, sonic youth
bottoms of barrels, tilly and the wall

top5 boas surpresinhas (:

carnavas, silversun pickups
beast moons, swan lake
make me armored, the scourge of the sea
to our continuing friendship, tap tap
hemstad, hemstad

top5 filmes

; the girl in the café
; match point
; manderlay
; thumbsucker
; the squid and the whale

top5 assuntos gerais do universo

; emos
; cicarelli sex tape
; crise nos aeroportos
; dança da pizza (e etc.)
; copa do mundo-dô-dô

(+ bônus: RBD)

o mais feliz: show do yeah yeah yeahs
o mais aimeudeus: unicamp 2ª fase
o arrependimento: não ter ido na invasão sueca
notícia do ano: sugarcubes reunion in reykjavík, '06
vozes do além que salvam vidas: shoo shoos, eddie argos, karen o.

2006 não existe.

1 ummæli:

borboletas me começam sagði...

eu não fiz nada disso!
mas as bandinhas eu gostei!
e os filmes eu amei!